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The illegal copy of the Russian jewelry internet shop

Special announcement of the press-service of the jewelry group OLIN
OLIN-SHOP.COM ! The illegal copy of the Russian jewelry internet shop Olin.ru
In the area .com the illegal copy of the Russian jewelry internet shop Olin.ru is used in the criminal way

At www.olin-shop.com the English copy of the popular Russian internet shop olin.ru named The best jewelry from Russia has appeared. At this site all range of our jewelry are offered at the low price with delivery to the territory of the USA, Canada and European countries.

It is evident that the offered service is impossible to carry out and the aim of the internet shop www.olin-shop.com is getting deposit for goods they do not have from customers.

According to the public data the name olin-shop.com is registered on July 29 2005 on the territory of RF by a citizen of RF. We learn as well that in a number of foreign mass-media on behalf of the USA residents the hiring staff company is organized. They hire people to work in the internet shop and to take payment with the help of electron payoff systems outside RF.

The rough violation of copyright and illegal use of the brand olin registered in Russia is evident.

The swindlers actions harm business character of our company and bring lack of confidence in Russian means of electronic commerce from the part of western users of the Internet.

Now the direction of the company takes all necessary steps in order to stop activity of the internet shop olin-shop.com.
    Press-service of the jewelry group OLIN